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Sports Injury


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Home Team Physical Therapy is the first choice of patients and physicians for physical therapy in the Volga area due to specialized expert clinicians. We advance the practice of physical therapy through comprehensive examination of treatment methodologies in order to provide patients with the most efficient and cutting edge techniques available in a caring manner to eliminate their core problem.


Physical therapy is a treatment approach that is designed to restore and enhance optimal physical function and mobility. Our therapists’ advanced training and specializations provide the needed skills to hone into the root cause and allow each treatment progression to be individualized. This conservative treatment approach often allows the patient to choose self-management of their diagnosis in lieu of surgery or other invasive approaches, and in some cases provides a helpful adjunct to these other procedures to provide maximum benefit.


Below is a list of many of the diagnoses that can improve with the help of our therapists' advanced training in spine care and other orthopedic conditions. If you don't see the condition from which you suffer on the list below, please feel free to call us for further information.

Auto Accident Injuries
Back and Neck
Cardiovascular Disease
Chronic Pain Disorders
Difficulty with Walking/Mobility
Guillian-Barre Syndrome
Joint Pain and Injury

Limited Endurance
Loss of Motion
Low Back Pain
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle Fatigue
Muscle Spasm/Tightness
Orthopedic Injuries

Joint Replacements

Physical Injury
Shortness of Breath

*This list is not inclusive. Check with your physician to see if you could benefit from physical therapy.


Depending on the reason for treatment, benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Pain management with reduced need for opioids

  • Avoiding surgery

  • Improved mobility and movement

  • Recovery from injury or trauma

  • Recovery from stroke or paralysis

  • Fall prevention

  • Improved balance

  • Management of age-related medical problems


Inpatient rehabilitation generally refers to physician and therapy services you receive during a stay in a hospital. Outpatient rehabilitation refers to the services you receive when you are not admitted to the hospital, such as physician services and physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Outpatient physical therapy services mean the physical therapy services provided by public health agencies, service providers, and clinic rehabilitation agencies to outpatients. It provides evaluation and treatment of numerous physical conditions for all age groups.

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